susan douglass-biography

  1. biography:

  2.     The constant theme running through my past, present, and undoubtedly into my future, is a wonder of the land.

  3.     Growing up amongst the woods, fields, and creeks of a small family farm provided the basis for this wonder, and led to my first college degree and career in the science of geology.  Eleven years of fieldwork took me deep into wilderness areas of Alaska, Greenland, and Antarctica where I walked the ground (or ice), observed, and analyzed rocks and processes.  I reached a decision that although I was beginning to understand some earth processes, I was also fascinated with the process of intuitive expression through art.

  4.     I later obtained a BFA in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute.

  5.     Now, having lived in Boulder for the past 19 years, my art reflects the relationship between this area’s gorgeous landscape and personal emotion.  You will see comfort, mystery, and beauty expressed in my recent series of abstract paintings.

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