Susan Douglass’ abstract work reflects her search for the connections between earth processes, landscape, and personal emotion. Her oil paintings and sculpture lend a sense of immediacy to the mysterious realm where tension and beauty coexist.

She grew up on a small, family farm in rural New Jersey and obtained a BS in geology from Western Washington University. This was followed by a career which took her to the wilds of self reliance in Alaska, the Greenland Ice Cap, and Antarctica where she mapped and analyzed relationships between the surface expression of rocks and their formational processes in time and place. The microscopic details were to be remembered.

Susan’s fascination with intuitive-expressive art grew, resulting in a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, where she was jokingly known as ‘the geologist.’

Presently residing in Boulder, Colorado, where both land-use issues and an incredible landscape inspire her artistic passion, she has been a guest artist for Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks where participants were encouraged to enter the human-land relationship through abstract art. Susan is a popular and commissioned artist with work in many private collections along the Front Range and farther afield.

so much more than waterafter the smoldering


Sometimes the mapped surface of the land stretches thin,

becoming transparent enough

to expose what’s beneath the wilderness.

In places, the skin breaks,

allowing a metamorphism

of atmosphere, mind, and element.

Here, reason meets chaos, hope meets fear,

and destruction meets continuity.